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The World is Colorful,

Life is colorful.

Let's work together! Don't be shy ~


Giving new meaning to commonplace objects changes what we choose to value. The Haus of Dévlin seeks to transform ordinary everyday objects through the creation of mixed media art pieces.   When well known objects are presented differently, they take on a different layer of interpretation.  The Haus of Dévlin draws inspiration from the choreography of everyday life, discarded and forgotten items, and the beauty of natural elements.


As a landscape architect who decides to live life beyond the confines of a single career, I am: a designer, painter, hot gluer, mess maker, collager, paper cutter, collaborator, drafter, gardener, runner, mod podger, adventurer, photographer, experimenter, supporter, illustrator, listener, student, and tall drink of water.  


Copyright ©Timothy Dévlin 2021
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